Ayurvedic Seasonal Detox and Rejuvenation Therapy Program

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This comprehensive health assessment identifies your unique body type using traditional Ayurvedic diagnostic techniques, such as pulse diagnosis (Nadi Vigyan), and a patient interview. Pulse diagnosis allows us to understand and identify the imbalances creating disease or symptoms. Upon completion of this consultation, the Ayurvedic Practitioner will recommend a corrective course of action, that may include lifestyle changes, dietary changes and a customised Ayurvedic treatment plan.

For the ultimate detoxifying and healing results, experience the Ayurvedic Cleansing Program of Panchakarma. This classic multi-day purification program includes a counseling session and daily 2-hour Ayurvedic Massage Treatments to facilitate the removal of toxins quickly through and out of your body.


Panchakarma is one of the highlights of an Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Program and is considered a seasonal body detoxification therapy, recommended to healthy people for maintenance of their well-being, as this therapy addresses the causes of imbalances and more serious disorders. Each program is unique to the individual client and their stage of imbalance and chronicity of diseases. A full five-day Panchakarma session is recommended at least once a year, during hot weather and during the changing of seasons to and from the hot seasons – summer to fall and spring to summer.


Pancha Karma can reverse the disease process and reestablish the balance of body and mind by effectively eliminating the accumulated toxins and impurities in the body.

Accumulation of impurities and toxins are created from waste products at a cellular level, improper metabolism, free radical damage or exposure to external toxins, pollution, and natural toxins in food. These causes create weakness in body tissues and physiology while causing sluggishness of mental functions. These weak areas grow into larger imbalances when not taken care of and turn into full-blown life threatening diseases like cancer.

These imbalances can also cause serious diseases and degeneration of body tissues causing wrinkling, fatigue, sluggishness and aging of the mind and body, especially the skin.


A program is designed specifically for the unique individual including a pulse analysis, tongue assessment, and full Ayurveda consultation with Oil Massage (abhyanga), Herbal steam (swedan), Shirodhara (calms and balances the mind), and nasya (herbal nasal drops) and other customized treatments such as the herbal skin treatment. This includes a light fasting, special Ayurveda diet and teas, Ayurvedic khichadi lunch after treatments, breathing and some personal yoga.

Of course, during this period, the individual is under strict supervision with a careful diet. Many who experience the Ayurvedic Panchakarma therapy keep seeing the results of their treatments months after.


ayur21-day Panchakarma ($250)

This is a three hour session focused primarily on rejuvenation therapies and the rhythms of Ayurvedic healing. These gentle therapies will quiet your mind and allow you to temporarily detach from the normal stresses of your daily life as you experience the different layers of health through the following therapies: Abyanga, Herbal Steam, Shirodhara, Head Massage, and Ayurvedic Marma Facial.

ayur_massage3-day Panchakarma ($595)

Experience the many benefits of a shortened version of a full Panchakarma in this 3-day program. This program includes a seven-day ayurvedic lifestyle plan(dinaacharya) and the first two days include an hour and a half of Ayurvedic Massage, (1st day – half an hr face marma massage, 2nd day – half an hour head massage) and Herbal Steam therapy, with the addition of Shirodhara on the final day for a total of 2.5 – 3 hours of therapy.

abyhanga75-day Panchakarma ($995)

The five-day Panchakarma program involves a complete Ayurvedic consultation, including pulse evaluation and diagnosis. During the detoxification week, the client receives a daily body massage and herbal steam therapy, for a approximately 2 hours of therapy, for the first two days and approximately 3 hours of therapy for the remaining days. Additionally, on the first day, the client receives a half an hour Facial Marma massage; on the second day, a half an hour head massage; on the third day, an Ayurvedic marma therapy; and on the fourth and fifth days, a Shirodhara treatment.


Supervised Yogic Fasting:

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