Attention, Students:
The Studio will be temporarily closing until October 26, 2013.
If you have bought a class card or a voucher, it will be extended for 3 months longer.
We are looking forward to seeing everyone back in October.

1) Teaching Practicums Class Schedule & Registration:

Members of the general public are welcome to attend the Teaching Practicum classes at the studio,
designed for teachers-in-training to learn to practice teach in a group environment.

Rates for Members of the General Public wishing to attend a teaching practicum session:
Drop-In: $15 New Students: $25 (3 classes) 10-Class Card = $130, 5-Class Card = $56

Walk-ins welcome! Mat rental is available, otherwise please bring your own mat.
We have mat storage at the studio for all regular students.

- To Sign Up for a class over the phone, please call Tel: (347)-345-6095 at least 4 hours in advance.

2) Teaching Practicum CLASS SCHEDULE:
Monday 6pm,
Tuesday 7:30pm,
Wednesday 6pm,
Thursday 7:30pm,
Saturday 11:30am,
Sunday 11:30am