My YOGARevolution MISSION:


My YOGARevolution introduces a new, evolutionary way of thinking about what Vinyasa Yoga is — the Science of Movement Energetics, aimed to unite as one, the Asana practice with the Pranayama practice.

Just like when the Spring arrives to overthrow the government of Winter with holistic, green and eco-friendly forces of Renewal, bursting out as a vivifying Life Power to conquer all that is frigid, lifeless and unmoving, My YOGARevolution seeks to overcome all misalignment patterns with Nature — it is a peaceful, Yogic Revolution.

My YOGARevolution aims to bring radical, positive transformation to the way that Yoga is perceived, taught and practiced in the world today, liberating Vinyasa Yoga from its archaic, patriarchal past, while avoiding the sellout to the Fitness Industry, drawing valuable insight from all contemporary Yoga Styles, to focus on the one common element that unities them all – the Yogic Self.


My YOGARevolution has evolved out of the Yoga Technique of Thirumalai Krishnamacharya, the Founder of modern Vinyasa Yoga, whose reknown students, Patabhi Jois and B.K.S Iyengar, have brought Vinyasa Style to the West.


My YOGARevolution Method elevates the Asana Practice, the Yoga Poses and the transitions between them to the Practice of deliberately-synchronized, rhythmic Pranayama, focusing on the Tri-Bandhas, to burn up physical toxins & mental clutter in the flow of our Life Energy.


Iyengar Technique emphasizes safe body alignment and we incorporate Iyengar’s principles of safety, while Ashtanga method focuses on extending the length of the Breath: one breath per movement, creating a more vigorous, dynamic practice. Both Iyengar and Ashtanga Techniques have been creating by the famous students of T.Krishnamacharya. My YOGARevolution Technique places an additional emphasis on the dynamic principle in and of each Asana, learning to easefully counterbalance the prana of our Body-Mind Microcosm with the matrix of the Time-Space Macrocosm.