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My Yoga Revolution Method has evolved out of the teachings of two outstanding Yoga Masters: Thirumalai Krishnamacharya the 20th century Yoga Master from Chennai, India, (the founder of modern Vinyasa Yoga) and the internationally known Hatha Yoga Master, Swami Bua, a centerian yogi who has lived into his 120s in New York City.

T.Krishnamacharya has been the teacher of both B.K.Iyengar and Pattabhi Jois, whose yoga methods: Ashtanga and Iyengar Yoga have become the foundation for most of the contemporary yoga styles in the West.

While the Yoga Methodologies of Krishnamacharya’s celebrity students are widely known and practiced, the original Yoga Teachings of the Master have largely remained a hidden secret.

Unique to Krishnamacharys’s teaching has been the therapeutic application of the Yogic Breath in all Asana Practices combined with the 3 Yogic bandhas, to achieve a grounding and cleansing effect on the system. Breath-centered yoga practice done with complete attention is capable to regulate the flow of prana(the lifeforce) in the body. In Krishnamacharya’s approach, Yoga Asanas are not to be practiced for their own sake, but as stepping stones to activate a deeper, smoother and calmer quality of breath known in sanskrit as”Ujayii Pranayama”.

At My YOGARevolution Studio, Krishnamacharya’s Method of Yoga has been the foundation from which the Yoga Teaching of Lalita M. have originated. My YOGARevolution is devoted the vision of Yoga as at once authentically traditional and artfully futuristic.