Private Yoga Instruction:

Individual yoga sessions are a terrific way to practice at your own pace while receiving one-on-one instruction and gentle hands-on guidance tailored to your individual needs.
Each session is designed especially for you and helps you to develop a keen awareness of your body. Individual instruction will teach you proper alignment and suitable modifications of the poses with regard to your own needs so that you can practice more appropriately in a class situation.
Individual sessions are especially beneficial if you are new to yoga, have injuries, or would like to further develop your practice and knowledge of yoga. It is a unique experience that offers remarkable benefits and results and helps to deepen your yoga experience.
Each session is one hour long.

Private Lesson Rates:

Single Session
$75 with Senior Teacher

Private Lesson Class-Cards:

3 Sessions
$210 – with Senior Teacher ($70/session)

6 Sessions
$360 with Senior Teacher ($60/session)

10 Sessions
$450 with Senior Teacher ($450/session)

Have a friend join you for a Semi-Private for just $25 more per session!

For more information or to schedule a session contact us at 347-345-6095, or email