My YOGARevolution YOGATheater YOGATeaching Studio Shows The Performance of “The First YOGAAct” by LALITA M.:
On February 14, 2013, Lalita M. Has Announced “The ACT of The EXISTENCE of Lalita M.” in the Performance of the ACT of The Show of MAUNA* (the Vow of Vocal Conversational Silence in respect to The LIFE and The YOGATeaching of Lalita M} at My YOGARevolution YOGATheater YOGATeaching Studio.Definition of “MAUNA”:
The Vow of Silence extends to all forms of Dialogue Speech that involves a verbal conversation between 2 or more people in the format of Questions and Answers. It does not extend to the medium of written communication and also to all Monologue forms of Speech such as Monologue Presentations and Directional Guidelines that do not involve a question and answer format.

During The YOGATeacher Training Program and the Perspective Participants Interview Process, Lalita M. Communicates the the format of Directional Guidelines Monologue Forms of Vocal Speech during the Interview Process, and All Teacher Training Sessions.

Written YOGATT Session Guidelines are Distributed to All YOGATT Program Participants at the Start of Each Weekend Session, HomeWork Assignments are Assigned and All YOGATeachers-in-Training Participate in The Monologue Forms of Speech Teaching Practice Sessions.

No Conversational Dialogue Forms of Speech are Permitted During the Teacher Training Program. Participants Communicate Via Directional Guidelines and Monologue Forms of Speech(During Teaching Practice and During Weekend Sessions), hand-written notes, emails and typed up assignments.

During the Teaching of the YOGA Plays, Silence is The Primary Mode of Teaching, however, vocal cues  are provided to guide The Yogic Breath for the YOGAAudience with the words “Inhale. Exhale. and Pause”, physical directions such as “Come Down” and “Come Up”, Gaze directions such as “Close The Eyes”, “Open the Eyes”, a few Meditation words such as “Quietness”, “Namaste” and the final chant, Nothing else is spoken during the YOGAPlays, as the Silence is speaking through the Teacher.

Likewise, during The YOGADance Plays, Speech is minimized to directional cues: “Up. Down. In. Out” and non-conversational voice sounds.

The Teacher continues to remain in Conversational communication with the world via Email Messages at info@MyYogaRevolution.Me and text messages to Tel:(347)-345-6095. In public venues, the Teacher will provide a short, concise answer in the form of a written note.

At My YOGARevolution YOGATheater YOGATeaching Studio, the Teacher Performs MAUNA in the ACT of Smiling, Non-Verbal Body Language and written notes. No one is required to observe the Vow of Silence at MY YOGA REVOLUTION  YOGATheater YOGATeaching Studio, besides the Teacher, but be respectful of The Teacher’s choice not to engage in any form of CONVERSATIONAL Dialogue Speech on any subject matter for any reason. The Teacher will answer all Questions via email or in via short written note.