Yoga For Weight Loss

yoga for men

Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise for overall well being. Doing yoga regularly helps improve your physical and mental strength and keeps you healthy and fit. However, although yoga is done mostly by women, it must be noted that men can benefit just as much as women from a regular yoga routine. Apart from providing numerous health benefits, yoga is a great option for men who are trying to shed those extra pounds. Take a look at some of the benefits of yoga for weight loss for men listed below in this guide.

Yoga Weight Loss Benefits For Men

#1: Yoga provides a Total Body workout: One of the greatest benefits of practicing yoga is that it helps provide men a complete body workout for effective weight loss. Yoga asanas for weight loss requires you to put body in positions that require the support the vast majority of muscles and uses your own body weight as resistance. Unlike sports activities such as tennis, cricket or football where only 10 -15 percent of the body is utilized, doing different yoga provides a complete body workout employing full support from the skeletal , cardiovascular, endocrine and muscular system promoting effective weight loss in men.

#2: Yoga helps Reduces Sugar Cravings: Sugar consumption increases the caloric intake in your diet and can cause weight gain. The fact that yoga focuses on regular meditation and deep breathing exercises, it helps still your mind trace the emotion responsible for craving. This stronger mind- body connection created by practicing yoga practice helps you fight those unhealthy cravings and opt for healthy food choices.

#3: Yoga helps Improves Digestion: Poor digestion often makes it difficult to breakdown, absorb nutrients and get rid of the toxins from the body and cause your metabolism to suffer, leading to weight gain. In addition, poor digestion makes it difficult for the body to absorb iron, B – vitamins,, magnesium or any other nutrients required to burn calories, causing excess body fat. The twists and postures done during fat burning yoga workouts helps massage the internal organs and improve your digestion. Yoga not only help align the gastrointestinal tract and helps it run smoothly, but also helps men achieve better mind and body balance to manage stomach woes caused due to anxiety, stress or depression.

#4: Yoga helps Reduce Stress: Chronic stress can often lead to weigh gain in men. When body is stressed, it releases hormones namely cortisol and Neuropeptide. The release of these hormones increase your appetite for foods rich in carbohydrates or junk food and also makes it difficult for the body to burn calories, leading to weight gain. However, practicing yoga regularly can help men de-stress and calm down. Yoga is a form of mediation that focuses your brain on your body and breathing. In doing so, your mind gets cleared all the clutter and stress and feel more focused and peaceful.

#5: Yoga Helps Flush your system: Bikram yoga is often referred to as �intense’ yoga. This form of yoga requires men to workout room heated than your body temperature, making them sweat considerably. Excess sweating not only helps men get rid of the toxins from the body, but also shed those get rid of those extra kilos in an effective way.

#6: Yoga Enhances Sleep: Practicing yoga to lose weight can be quite beneficial for men suffering from insomnia or irregular sleep patterns. The fact that yoga poses for weight loss requires one to concentrate on breathing and balance, the mind tends to get diverted and focus only one thing. In addition, the simple stretching exercises done during the yoga routine helps easy pains and aches and helps relax muscles, helping you relax and get better sleep at night. Studies have shown that having a good night sleep helps improve the production of ghrelin( hormone that helps control food craving), helping men manage weight.

#7: Yoga helps Detoxify: Practicing yoga is one of the best ways that can help men detoxify their body. Detoxification is natural and healthy way to get rid of the toxins as well the fat stored in the body and lose weight. Yoga when done regularly helps regulate your digestive system, improve your circulation and stimulate your lymphatic system, helping your body detoxify and as a result lose weight.

When such innumerable benefits of yoga for weight loss, men incorporating this form of exercise in their daily routine will certainly gain benefit in achieving their weight loss goals as well as in making their body healthy and fit.

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