Why you need Yoga in Life

Benefits of Yoga

Do you yoga? Yoga is one of the exercises that can create a healthy lifestyle internally and look fresh and fit externally. If you are new in yoga, you will probably do not have the idea on how yoga can perform such a good result in creating a healthy living. Each posture in yoga has different benefits to different parts of your organ. A very basic flow sequence in yoga, the sun salutation can be energy and create the inner heat of your body, with the inhale and exhale breathing process. It works with the entire body muscle strength, endurance, flexibility and breathing. It is basically a warm up flow to start a yoga class. It warm up every single muscle of your body so that you can performs well in the coming posture. There are many variations that can apply for any post in yoga. While you are familiar with the basic posture, your yoga teacher will create different variation to enhance your body flexibility and strength.

Posture in yoga is an important part in the overall class. A good and correct posture will helps you to cure your health issues while a wrong posture will hurts your muscle too. It is always good to join the yoga class to make sure that you are practicing in the correct posture. A long terms yoga will helps you to maintain a good body health. Why wait? join any yoga class around your area now! It can keep you slim and health!


Yoga is good for your mind. It will release your stress; improve your concentration, determination and mental focus. Besides, it wills also stabilities your emotion, change your bad habits into inspiring ways of being. Yoga teaches you how to concentrate your mind by focuses on specific part of your body. It teaches you on how to release your tension like worrying about what you are going to have for lunch or what you need to present to your supervisors. Yoga teaches you how to focus internally, between your body and head. For example, Savasana is the pose where you can practiced not to fight against any thoughts you have, but to let them come and go with the focus of your muscles feel. This is to bring you into peace, clam and relax state. Savasana is always the final pose of your yoga class.


Yoga can help to improve your body flexibility and strength. Besides, it can also improve your core strength and cardiovascular endurance. If you plan to manage your weight in a long run, yoga will be your best choice. Person with digestion problem or nervous system problem can also go for yoga class to help condition your body.

Soul and Spirit

Pranayama is the breathing techniques use to merge your mind, body, soul and spirit. It is believed that by controlling your pranayama breathing will control the energy that flow in your body. By practicing pranayamas breathing, it will slow down the heart rate, calms your mind and leads to a deeper and inner sense of relaxation. By practicing yoga in a long run, you can uplift your emotion, to create a greater self-awareness of well-being.

Types of Yoga

There are many different types of yoga classes, just to name a few below. Yoga Mudra is a movement that holds energy while Yoga Bandha is the technique of holding muscular contractions to focus awareness. These technique are commonly used in most of the yoga class.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is the most basic yoga where it is widely practiced around the world. Movement is slow and smooth where the main focus is on holding different poses and integrates your breathing into the movement. It is great for stretching your muscles, get in touch with your body, and decrease your stress. This is the most fundamental yoga and preparation class for other yoga class.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic flow of postures connected together with breath, a combination of movement and breath. This is more to posture like hold, extend, release and reposition. In Vinyasa, the move into the breath and posture that links the motion is a very important section.

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga is yoga for expectant mothers. If you are a seasoned yogi looking for a healthy pregnant exercise, here is your best choice. It is believed that prenatal yoga can increase your body circulation, improved your mobility and maintain physical and mental balance for this special period. By practicing deep breathing can calms your mind and spirit, thus relax your body in each transition of your pregnancy.

Power Yoga

Power yoga is the next stage of your fitness regimen. It is the combination of strength and aerobic activity, offering a totally new challenge for practitioner. You will release your stress and find peace as well as enjoying your athletes’ workouts at the same time. It is believes that by performing power yoga will reduces the symptoms of chronic illness.

Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga is the popular style for the one that love to sweat. Hot yoga is practice in a well-heated room to help cleanse both the body and mind. In a long run, it will release your body toxins, improves your body flexibility and develops your muscle tone. Besides, it is also a very good exercise for weight loss.

Fitness Yoga

Fitness Yoga is total body fitness yoga. Fitness yoga can increase your body strength, extend cardiovascular capabilities and also improve your body’s core. You may need tools like hand weights, straps or body bars for fitness yoga. By performing this exercise will provides a greater band of total muscle development.


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