Open an Affiliate Studio of My YOGARevolution Method:



Thank you for your interest in our Mentorship Program to open an Affiliate Studio to teach My Yoga Revolution Method in your community, as a Franchise of My Yoga Revolution Studio.

My Yoga Revolution is committed to partnering with teachers who are passionately committed to share My Yoga Revolution Method & System with their students, inspiring others to teach My Yoga Revolution Method, and educating future leaders in the yoga world. We are committed to establishing a structure for the Affiliate/Franchise studios which is beneficial to all. If you are interested in our Mentorship Program to open an Affiliate/Franchise Studio, you must first complete our Teacher Training Certification Program, as a prerequisite, together with and Affiliate Program Mentorship training.

My YOGARevolution has been in the business of studio ownership for the last
5 years and we know what it takes to run a successful yoga studio. The Training Program to open an Affiliate Studio includes teacher certification, as well as mentorship in running an Affiliate/Franchise Studio, mentorship in conducting My Yoga Revolution Teacher Trainings, marketing materials, studio supplies and much more. Please email My Yoga Revolution Program Director, Lalita with inquire at for more information.


If you have any Questions or would like to find out more about the Teacher Training Program, please call a Program Advisor at Tel:(347)-345-6095 or email at: