This transformative Yoga Teacher Certification Program has been developed for aspiring teachers and experienced yoga practitioners looking to deepen their existing practice, while acquiring a marketable, professional skill in the yoga teaching industry.

The Program Curriculum has been designed to provide the Teachers-in-Training with the tools and the expertise needed to become confident and successful vinyasa yoga instructors. By the time you graduate, you will be fully prepared to teach a beginner’s class, with modifications for both advanced students and students with injuries. This extraordinary Course is dedicated to bridging the cutting edge research in Yoga Science and Asana Methodology with the ancient secrets of Yoga Philosophy and Spirituality. You will learn how to combine meditation, pranayama and intelligent, safe asana sequencing to create  an incredible experience for your students. Additionally, with My YOGARevolution “Yoga-at-Work” program, new graduates will be eligible to audition for paid teaching opportunities at the studio and offsite, with new openings becoming available on a regular basis.


Program Curriculum:

-Alignment, Breathing & Safety in Asana Practice
- Principles of Asana Sequencing and Injury Prevention
-Subtle Anatomy: 3 Yogic Bandhas, Pranayama, Chakras
-Asana Energetics: Prana and Apana
-History of Yoga Philosophy & Spirituality
- Overview of Yoga Styles and Lineages
-The Art of Teaching Meditation
-Teaching Methodology and Hands-on Adjustments
-Modifications for Injuries & Special Conditions
-The Yogic Science of Male & Female Polarities
-Quantum Physics Theory and Kundalini
-Designing a Well Rounded Class
-Ayurvedic Principles of Yoga Therapy
-Yoga Anatomy and Physiology
-Business & Marketing
-Role of the Teacher: Ethics & Boundaries


Graduation from the Course will requires formal assessment, including demonstration of skills in teaching beginners, and demonstration of skills as a practitioner of the poses as well as passing a final written and practicum exam. There are other requirements as well such as a 2-6 month long Mentorship with the Senior Teacher to assure a well-rounded, in-depth education in the art and science of teaching Yoga.


A $300 non-refundable Deposit will ensure a space in the program.The remaining balance is due no later than the first day of the course.

Affordable Payment Plans are available.

If you have questions or would like to find out more about the Teacher Training Program, please call a Program Advisor at Tel:(347)-345-6095 or email at:



If you have any Questions or would like to find out more about the Teacher Training Program, please call a Program Advisor at Tel:(347)-345-6095 or email at: