Elective Seminars for Teachers in Training:

twist11)Hatha Yoga Methodology/Technique Seminar. 2hrs, on-going series:

Study/Presentation of classical and modern Yoga Asanas, including Sanskrit names,
alignment cues, injury prevention cues, modifications,
Pratikriyas (counterpoises), health benefits and common mistakes.
Quantum Physics of Hatha Yoga Theory.

standing12) Vinyasa Yoga Methodology/Technique Seminar. 2hrs, on-going series:

Vinyasa Study of dynamic Asana(Brahmana/Langhana breath-synchronization)
The Role of the 3 Bandhas: Asana from the perspective of the Bandhas
Quantum Physics of Vinyasa Theory (as a moving, 4-Dimensional Pranayama)
Vinyasa Methodology of classical and modern Asanas,
Class Sequencing, “CounterVinyasas”, Transitioning,
Vinyasa modifications for beginners and advanced students,
principles of Yoga Therapy in breath-synchronized Vinyasa
and Vinyasa Variations/Improvisation.

3) Traditional and Contemporary Yoga Styles Seminar 2hrs on-going series:

Asana Methodology in traditional and contemporary Yoga Styles
Detailed study/presentation of the existing Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga Styles covering
Yoga Theory/Philosophy of the style, Asana Methodology, Alignment/Principles of Practice,
Chants/Subtle Anatomy/Meditation Techniques, Teacher/Student relationship, Historical background, Yoga Therapy principles of the style. Finding at least one useful element of the style
that can be applied to one’s own practice/teaching.

seated24) Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy Seminar, 2hrs on-going series:

The Study of Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy and Common Health Conditions in Asana Practice
The Ayurvedic Theory of Nadiis(subtle energy channels), Jataragni(metabolic digestive fire) and Drishti(directed psychic energy) is covered in detail from the perspective of Yoga Therapy application. The Yoga Therapy theory of T.K.V. Desikachar, author of the Heart of Yoga is presented as it applies to therapeutic Vinyasa practices. Asanas/Vinyasas for common conditions and injuries are also covered in this seminar.