masami1“I have graduated from the October 2012 TT Intensive, and it has been a fun, enlightening experience that has deepened my practice and has taken my understanding of yoga to a whole new level”.


jennia1This TT Course has allowed for a very rapid growth in my personal practice and teaching skills. It has made me confident enough to teach anyone safely and correctly. I am so happy I chose to do this and I am proud of the amazing progress I made throughout this journey.

Jennifer A

web2Your teachings have been such an empowering strength of support, I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have been part of this TT Program.


4Lalita is a Master Teacher and in this TT Course not only will you learn the ancient secrets of Yogic Breathing, the Vinyasa approach to Asana methodology, but you will also discover the groundbreaking, revolutionary vision of quantum physics as it applies to the art of teaching Yoga. I am personally lucky to have found this Teacher Training Program.

Brittany, Brooklyn

1This Course is bringing a new generation of leaders into the world of Yoga – ordinary, American women who embody and teach Yoga as their own truth and experience,  from the Inside Out, rather than as a linear, historical doctrine from another country (the way Yoga has been taught in the past).   If you would like an authentic, progressive approach to Yoga, that is well grounded in the world we live in, take this Teacher Training.

Alla D.

3I believe this TT program is a gem among others. Rooted in traditional Asana study, and integrating ground-breaking innovations in the field of Yoga Therapy, Injury Prevention, Asana Energetics, and Yoga Philosophy, this Program has given me the skills, language and charisma to bring the joy of Yoga to all my future students.

Mary T.

2I live in Florida, but travelled all the way to New York last year to attend the July Yoga Teacher Training 2012 Intensive. As an advanced yoga practitioner for years, I have had high expectations of the quality and standards of this Course. I am glad to say, the TT has exceeded all my expectations. Excellent hands-on instruction, very attentive and informative, creative flow sequences and revolutionary teachings. Best yoga experience I’ve ever had!

Mala N.