Work-Study/Karma Yoga Exchange Program:



Thank you for your interest in the Work-Study/Karma-Yoga Program at My Yoga Revolution.

At My Yoga Revolution Studio we believe that dream to become a Yoga Teacher should be made available to every sincere Yoga Practitioner, regardless of his/her financial situation.

The Work-Study/Karma-Yoga Program has been designed for students who, due to challenging economic circumstances, can not otherwise afford the full price of expensive Yoga Teacher Training Certification Programs.

The Work-Study/Karma-Yoga Program is limited to 3 Work-Study students per Training Course. Perspective Students, interested to apply for the Work Study/Karma Yoga Exchange Program, will be asked, during the admission interview, to demonstrate the evidence of meeting the low income criteria (of their yearly income not exceeding $20,500) as well as the willingness to become a part of the Work-Study Team at the studio, to help the studio grow with a dedicated, positive attitude


The Work-study Student will work approximately 4-10 hours a week, and you can work remotely if necessary at times.


- Overseeing daily operations
- Buying supplies
- Studio Maintenance
- Cleaning the Yoga Mats and the Studio
- Taking videos and photos of classes and the teaching methodology
- Promoting the “Yoga at Work” Program
- Handing Out Flyers
- Assisting the studio owner with multiple on-going projects.

Those accepted into the Teacher Training Program under the Work-Study Arrangement, will be eligible for up to 70% Off Tuition for the 200-hr Yoga Teacher Yoga Alliance Certification Program at our studio($700 for the Entire Program. Regular Tuition Price: $2,299) in exchange for the required 100hours of Work-Study Duties and Assignments at the Studio. Work study Positions are limited to 3 per program, so please apply early.

Please call the studio to set up your interview at Tel:(347)-345-6095. You can also email the studio with your contact information at: with “Work-Study/Karma Yoga Exchange Teacher Training Certification” in the subject headline.


Upcoming Dates: 6-WEEKENDS(Sat/Sun) TT Course

OCTOBER 5th, 2013- NOVEMBER 10th, 2013


TUITION: $2299 (The Work Study Tuition Discount is up to 70% OFF the Regular Tuition, ot $700 for the Entire Program).

Work-Study Positions are limited, so please apply early.


If you have any Questions or would like to find out more about the Teacher Training Program, please call a Program Advisor at Tel:(347)-345-6095 or email at: