My YOGARevolution Teacher Training School is dedicated to helping you develop your personal strengths, expertise and charisma. My YOGARevolution envisions itself to be graduating future Leaders in the Yoga Industry, and our Certification Program utilizes the latest innovative methods in Vinyasa Yoga Theory & Practice to offer you the most cohesive and practice-oriented training possible. By the end of the Program you will have all the tools needed to become a confident & articulate yoga teacher. As a Graduate in our programs you will also receive a public Alumni profile page.


This innovative Yoga Teacher Certification Program has been designed for aspiring teachers and experienced yoga practitioners looking to deepen their existing practice, while acquiring a marketable, professional skill in the Yoga Teaching Industry.
The Certification Curriculum focuses on providing the Teachers-in-Training with the tools and the expertise necessary to become confident and successful vinyasa yoga instructors. By the time you graduate, you will be fully ready to teach a beginner’s class, with modifications for both advanced students and students with injuries. This transformational Course is dedicated to bridging the hands-on, creative Asana Methodology with the ancient secrets of Yoga Philosophy and Spirituality. You will learn how to combine meditation, pranayama and intelligent, safe asana sequencing to create an incredible experience for your students. Additionally, with My YOGARevolution “Yoga-at-Work” program, new graduates will be eligible to audition for paid teaching opportunities at the studio and/or offsite.


My YOGARevolution 200-hr YOGA Teacher Certification Trainings meet and exceed the standards of the National Yoga Alliance. Program graduates are eligible to join and be listed in the Yoga Alliance Registry at the 200 hour level. These credentials, in conjunction with certification through My YOGARevolution Studio assure that your qualifications will be recognized on a national and international level and will help you to take advantage of new professional opportunities that are continuously emerging. Attendance will be taken in all TT programs and is required for Certification.


If you have any Questions or would like to find out more about the Teacher Training Program, please call a Program Advisor at Tel:(347)-345-6095 or email at: